Zuzana Light Trains Harder Than You


Zuzana Light is best known for being the co-founder of BodyRock TV. Many feel that she is one of the most inspirational female fitness icons. Zuzana’s rapid rise emerged from her wildly popular YouTube videos and workout style.

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Her inspirational tonality has been a catalyst for her counterparts in the fitness industry. She has always kept a motivational spin on her videos and language to keep her following ambitious and active. Surprisingly enough, although she has such a gentle demeanor, her workouts are some of the most intense out there. Most of the workouts feature a brutal plyometric training routine to make even the most athletic person break a heavy sweat.

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When you get a chance, you should definitely check out her former site, BodyRock. In some crazy way, following her doing the workouts is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: you are getting highly effective exercises and getting sexy motivation to keep yourself pushing your body to it’s limit. We have done some of her routines and they are challenging, but definitely worth it if you are looking to get serious results. We are certain that we will be seeing much more of Zuzana Light in the future and you can bet that you will be seeing more of her, too. You can definitely count on it.

We really appreciate Zuzana’s commitment to her audience and also for revolutionizing the tone of fitness content. Her work on BodyRock TV has made it much easier for people to get an effective training session and meal plan at home without having to constantly dial in to infomercials or scour the web for some quality content and in our opinion, this makes her a game changer. Sexy. Empowering. Successful. Need we say more?
zuzana light
As our awesome community members EricFit and Drea pointed out, Zuzana has since moved on from BodyRock and has her own site. Interestingly enough, her ex-husband, Freddy Light, and his girlfriend, Lisa-Marie, host BodyRock now.

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